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Needham Exploration & Production, LLC

A land centered E & P company.

Needham Exploration & Production, LLC, actively invests in oil and gas production across the Mid-Continent region of the United States. We are actively looking to acquire oil and gas leases, oil and gas production, and working interests—both operated and non-operated. NEP is currently reviewing asset packages and operations in 6 states: Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, and Arkansas. The company is headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We formed NEP to pursue strategic acquisition opportunities in low-cost, low-risk, domestic oil and gas plays. Our evaluation and acquisition team is focused on generating consistent, low-risk yields through identifying and acquiring undervalued production assets with infill drilling development and/or workover and recompletion opportunities.



Needham Exploration & Production, LLC  is currently evaluating several prospects and acquisition targets and is ready to deploy capital.  Further, Needham E & P’s limited scope in reviewing potential areas of investments means we have a complete understanding of the play and work on maximizing the value of the assets from the start.  Whether it be a recompletion, an increased density well, or merely updating the existing infrastructure and production equipment—our technical team has the ability to execute the strategy we have put into place.



Being an oil and gas operator is not a one-way street: it requires a recognition of all the stakeholders involved that may be affected by our operations.  The safety of our people and the landowners whom we deal with are of the utmost importance when considering any operation.  Land, water, livestock and wildlife must also be taken into account when performing any oil and gas drilling and completion operations nearby.  Our commitment is to be the best steward to the people, land and environment in which we interact with because it is our “home” too.



Sometimes, “vision” requires seeing the value in an asset that no one else can see.  Whether you call it foresight, faith, or just plain old “luck”, many of the success stories in this industry were built upon those who could evaluate and find value in properties that no one else could see.  At Needham Exploration & Production, we focus our research and evaluations on assets in which “there is more than the eye can see.”  Especially in times of low commodity prices, there is value to be found across all producing regions and states.  Our ability to quickly identify and evaluate low-cost, low-risk assets allows us to capture and exploit value in assets that others may have simply overlooked.

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